Our Mission

Our company’s foundation is built on our core values, which distinguish and guide our actions. We conduct our business in an ethical and socially responsible manner. We work to protect the environment, for the enjoyment of current and future generations. And we aim to elevate the lives of our customers and the communities where they live.


About Us

TogetherSimply founders Jason and Larry have diverse backgrounds but are motivated to make the world a better place. They believe in spending more time with family and friends, and want to help children around the world.

Jason and Larry are a father and son team that has been working together since Jason could hold a hammer. Haling from Detroit Michigan and with generations of automotive product development experience to pull from the two have their fingerprints on designs that can be found around the globe.

Jason enjoys inventing and creating products and none have been more exciting to him than the line of products currently being designed for TogetherSimply. Jason has been a part of several automotive patents is co-author of the patent for TogetherSimply and has recently enjoyed a successful Kickstarter campaign. In his free time Jason enjoys spending time with his family, playing and coaching ice hockey, and traveling.

Larry has been involved with some of the highest profile projects in Detroit Automotive since the 1980’s. He helped build a company that started in a basement and went on to be sold for millions and has managed the development of thousands of components in facilities around the world. The experience in leadership, development and manufacturing that he brings to TogetherSimply will be leveraged to keep costs down, quality high and scalability at the forefront. Larry has used his extensive network and knowledge to design and manufacture hundreds of prototypes for TogetherSimply over the past several years. He has been able to work with manufactures to invent new processes using existing technology to create furniture using lean methods and the mass production philosophies of the automotive industry. Larry enjoys traveling with his wife of 40 years and his 7 grandchildren and inventing everyday products that make life better.

Jason and Larry have been a great team for the past 38 years and work closely and challenge each other to continually improve their designs, manufacturing and overall products for TogetherSimply. With their combined experience in product and business development they have ambitions to make TogetherSimply a household name.

We want to leave the world a better place


We use materials that are derived from sustainable resources or made from post consumer products.

The ability for our products to be packed flat also reduces packaging and optimizes shipping further minimizing our “carbon footprint.”

To assemble TogetherSimply products you only need the two most well-designed tools ever, your hands.

These products are made using very simple technology that can enable developing areas of the world to create their own products, enabling jobs and local manufacturing.

Super Safe Products


All of our materials are sourced through a responsible supply chain that must meet the strict standards of TogetherSimply.


We use state of the art third party testing to ensure all of products exceed the most stringent industry standards.

TogetherSimply Testing.png